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Gran Turismo 5 Review

By: Andrew Cook

The game that has been in development for almost five years is finally here! Following the continuous delays that Gran Turismo 5 has faced over the years, the much awaited driving simulation on the PlayStation 3 is finally here and it has a lot of things to make up for fans who who’ve been anticipating the game. The game features over 100 cars and around 70 tracks to race through plus a number of new features. Will the game end up being worth the wait?

Most of the game takes place through the “My Home” section in GT5. In My Home, players sign up for events, access your garage, tune your cars and even buy new ones. My Home is also fully customizable and allows you to change the the color of the theme and the wallpaper. You will also access all of your licenses here.

In order to progress through GT5 you have to gain experience and level up. You gain experience by winning races and earning licenses. Most of the cars and races in the game are locked until you reach higher levels.

There are 2 main events in GT5; A Spec and B Spec. in A Spec races you choose your car and race against the computer AI to reach first place and be awarded with credits and cars. In B Spec however, you no longer drive the car, instead, you select a driver to participate in the race for you. Your role in the B Spec races is to coach your driver. You can ask the driver to slow down or or overtake a car in front of your driver.

Gran Turismo 5 also allows players to build their own track. In this mode you can decide the scenery of the track, how many sections it has, the weather during the race, and how intense the turns and sections of the track are. You can create a brand new track for you and your friends to race on in a matter of minutes.

GT5 also offers online play for the first time in the history of the franchise. The online play is just as you would expect from any racing simulator. You can look for an open lobby to join from the My Home hub, or you can create a lobby and customize every aspect of the race for you and your opponents. GT5 also features a community section which allows to view your friends that are online and playing the game, post a message on the boards or even give gift cars.

Overall, I feel Gran Turismo 5 is a very solid racing simulator, as expected. I feel that the games graphics were lacking, considering the game has been in development for over 5 years. The game also suffers from excessive installation, mainly due to the fact that it is on the PS3. If you decide not to install the game, you will have to suffer through very long load times. On the other hand, the installation will take at least thirty minutes and requires 8 to 10GB of free space. I have to compare this game to Forza 3, of course, and I feel that the two games are very close to each other. Both games have things I like and things I don't like. Forza offers more customization options while GT5 may offer a more realistic driving experience.

If you have been a Gran Turismo fan, this game will not disappoint.

Audio – 8.5
Visuals – 8.5
Playability – 8.5
Delivery – 7.5
Overall – 8.3

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