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Call of Duty MW2 - 2v2 Tournament
Sunday, August 15 2010, 2:00pm

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Team Deathmatch!

Entry: $20 per team ($10 per person) through Aug 7th/$40 per team ($20 per person) after Aug 7th

Cash prizes to First, Second, and Third place!

1.No using C4, Claymore(s), Blast Shields, Tactical Insertion, Riot Shields, Secondary Launchers, Secondary Shotguns, Grenade Launchers, Javelins, and RPG's.

2.No using the following perks: Bling, One Man Army, Last Stand

3.Killstreaks DISABLED, players must set their Death Streak to Copycat. Using any other Death Streak will result in a forfeit.

4.Breaking of rules 1-4 will result in a forfeit of the game/map.

1.All of the Settings changes that were made are listed below. Settings, not listed below, should not be changed from their default state.

2.Starting a game/map with the wrong Game Type Settings may result in a forfeit of the game/map, the game/map being replayed, or a warning, which will be determined by a Staff Member.

• Join in Progress: Not Allowed
• Spectating: Team Only
• Friendly Fire: Enabled
• Forced Respawn: Enabled
• Wave Spawn Delay: None
• Radar Always On: Disabled
• Max Health: Normal
• Health Regeneration: Normal
• KillCam: Disabled
• Headshots Only: Disabled
• Allow Perks: Enabled
• Killstreak Rewards: Disabled
• Number of Lives: Unlimited
• 3rd Person: Disabled
• Hardcore Mode: Disabled

• Round Length: 10 Minutes
• Number of lives: Unlimited
• Score Limit: 7500 Points

• Highrise
• Invasion
• Rust
• Scrapyard
• Terminal

Any Questions? Call 757-310-6274 or visit, and click the contact us link!


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