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What is Arcadia Evolutions?
Arcadia Evolutions is the premier video gaming center in the USA.  Arcadia Evolutions host LAN parties with top of the line computers (see our rigs) and offers the best competitive gaming action around on the latest consoles like PS3, X-Box 360, and Nintendo Wii.  Arcadia Evolutions also carries the latest up to date video games as well as vintage, hard to find video games.  Arcadia Evolutions is aimed at serving all your gaming needs.

Do you offer food and refreshments?

Yes, Arcadia Evolutions offers a wide variety of prepackaged foods, snacks, candy, ice cream and drinks which include PB & Jamz, White Castle Cheeseburgers, Gamer Grub and more.

Do you allow food and drinks at the computer or console stations while playing?
Yes, but we ask all patrons to take care not to spill food or drinks and to practice clean eating techniques.  We also ask that in the rare event that a spill does occur, the patrons inform a staff member promptly to assist in a timely cleanup.

Do you allow people to bring their own food and drinks?
Yes, absolutely.  Players often bring their own food or go to nearby shops and bring the food back.  Ask a staff member and they will be happy to place delivery orders for you too.

Do you have menus of nearby restaurants?
Yes, we have menus from many nearby restaurants to make it as convenient, and accommodating as possible to you.  Ask a staff member and they will be happy to place delivery orders for you too.

Do you host parties?
Absolutely, Arcadia Evolutions hosts a wide variety of parties that include birthdays, to complete store close-out parties, and all-nighters.  Click here for more information about parties or to schedule your next party.

Do you allow minors (under the age of 17) to play?

Yes, minors are allowed to play video games; however, prior to any minor playing video games, a parental consent form will need to be completed by the minor's parent or legal guardian stating what level of game play is authorized.  See a sales associate to obtain the form.  See the ESRB for game rating information.  Click here to see our game play policy.

What games can I play?
We have over a thousand different titles in our inventory with multiple copies of many games to allow for multiplayer game interaction within the store.  We have all the latest new releases and many older titles as well, which are all available for play within our store.  We carry games for Xbox 360, Xbox, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Playstation, PSP, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo DS, N64, and more which are all available for instore play.  Click here for a current list a PC games available to play.

What does a club membership include?
We periodically run membership specials and offer different incentives for membership.  Click here for the current list of membership benefits.

Do you host video game tournaments?
We host a wide varity of video game tournaments almost weekly with tons of great prizes.  Click here to see our tournament event listing.


What kind of computers do you have?
We are always upgrading our computers with the latest technology.  Many of the computers have multiple monitors for surround gaming or multi-boxingClick here to see a list of current builds.  Our computers are also equipped with popular gaming devices such as gaming keyboards, gaming mouse, gaming speed pads, and game specific devices such as steering wheels and pedals.

What types of consoles do you have available for play?
Xbox 360 (w/ Xbox Live), PS3, and Nintendo Wii are offered on multiple stations.  Upon request, older consoles are available for play as well.

Do you provide headsets for gaming?
Yes, top quality gaming headsets are available to rent for the PCs, Xbox 360, or PS3 at $1 per day.

What kind of TVs do you have?
We have 32" or 42" HDTVs for all gaming consoles for top quality, crystal clear images.

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